Disclosure Scotland

We offer an unparalleled identity checking and counter-signatory service for those requiring an online DBS check. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to our company.

Online DBS checks

DBS Disclosures in Newcastle-under-Lyme provides a first class umbrella body service to both the public and private sectors. This includes Social Service and Education Departments, NHS Health Trusts, district councils, independent schools, residential and nursing homes, nurseries and all other occupations which involve working with, or having access to, children, the elderly and other vulnerable people.

Benefits of using DBS Disclosures

  • No DBS registration fee to pay
  • No increase or re-allocation of staff
  • No staff training required
  • No need to increase computers or computer networks
  • No need to design, build and test new computer program systems
  • Secure handling and storage of all disclosure certificates
  • Same day turn around for received DBS applications
  • Result of checks will only be disclosed on a one to one basis with nominated persons
  • Recruitment advice will be given regarding the content of the disclosure
  • Our service represents excellent value for money